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Bang kapan reincarnation of god manggung lagi?

the god cant be reincarnate because of a few things that i should not talk about. the sacrifice is not completed because we are too lazy to look for it. if I remember it was a 40 year old virgin blood, so.... yeah.
thats the only way ROG can perform again, show your support by donating some of your money to the victims of paris attack. thank you.

Belum pernah punya pacar?

with the question you've asked, i can imply that you are not my friend from highschool time, nor you know me when i am in highschool.
you either a stranger or we both know each other but never talked about something personal.
here's a tip : open yourself up before demanding others to open up.

Tipe cewek kamu?

why we group people like they're things? why should we have a girl "type"? why cant we undertand that every person is unique and you will never get a perfect person. because we can't be
JOHN CENAAAAAA *teteretet*
(lets see how many people gets this)

suaranya keren. lagunya juga keren. Kapan bikin lagu rock indo kak?

wahini, mungkin maksudnya lagu rock yg bahasanya indonesia yee?
sneak peek aja sih, @greedyrock lagi dalam proses penulisan lagu. buat apa? buat EP perdana kita ;)
jadi tungguin aja, lagu rock indo-nya ada atau nggak yaaa. hmmmmmmm

udah punya pacar belum bang?

udah, tapi akhir2 ini dia nyebelin, masa MMR gua ga naik2 udah berapa bulan

Ngehomo yuk

wahh sori dir gua masih hetero, kalo mau yang homo coba andra, piter, atau duta aja. mereka suka threesome gue denger2

have you ever had the weird or unforgettable chat with anonymous person?

tbh, i don't easily forget people, especially when we already had a conv before. and yes i think i know who you are mrs/mr anonymous hoho
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apa lagu avenged sevenfold yang all time favorite banget?

Chapter Four, Second Heartbeat, Burn it Down, God Hates Us.

Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

Mostly spontaneously. Because when i start to plan things, usually the plan would not go well and i end up doing things that i didn't planned before.
Yeah, weird world.

what is your favorite music? or favorite artist?

hmm, this one is tricky. Until now, the only artist that i cant stop hearing is Avenged Sevenfold. I went hearing another things and stuff, but i always end up enjoying all of their songs. They are my childhood hero, Period.
But, i just love music in general. Because music is art, and its not about good or bad. I want to quote Vanessa from Daredevil series
[Wilson Fisk is staring at a painting in an art gallery - it is made up of layers of textured white. Vanessa approaches him.]
Vanessa Marianna: There's an old children's joke. You hold up a white piece of paper and you ask, "What's this?" A rabbit in a snowstorm. You interested or just looking?
Wilson Fisk/Kingpin: Interested.
Vanessa Marianna: People always ask me how can we charge so much for what amounts to gradations of white. I tell them it's not about the artist's name or the skill required, not even about the art itself. All that matters is "How does it make you feel?"
Wilson Fisk/Kingpin: It makes me feel alone.

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what is your favorite music or favorite artist

hello, have you ever hear about secret app? ever used it? any good about that app?

By looking at your question I conclude that you either a slowpoke or maybe using internet explorer.
Yes, I know and I used the app. Its kinda sad the team decided to shutdown the servers. Its a good app to express yourself, but it turned out that everybody's a dick. Well maybe not everybody, but 95% of us ARE a dick deep inside.
But after all. I'm happy there's no more fucking bullshit quotes and fake scenarios made by some lovesick teenage girls flying across the internet taken from the app.

tadi tampil di infest ya? lagunya goodbye in her eyes?

Tepat sekali. Siapapun ini, makasih banyak udah nonton :D

What do you look forward to most this year?

And a holiday....


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