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Stay miserable in a marriage so the kids have their dad around or get divorced?

What people don’t realize is when you stay in a miserable marriage that means the children are miserable too. Leave and get the support you need for yourself and your children. Show them how to let go of things no line her healthful for them.
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If you found out someone was hurt by something you said what would you do?

If I cared, I would want to talk about it and see how I can fix it - if possible. If I don’t care, then they will simply have hurt feelings - but they will be okay.

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What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?

To be given the gift of life from birth and everyday after.

Which is a better indicator of a person's true character, their actions or their words?

Neither, their patterns. People can only keep a facade up for a certain amount of time before their true colors show. So, they can fool you with their actions and words, for a while. However, once the facade is up you will see the true patterns they have - and you BETTER believe it!

Would your younger self be proud of who you are now?

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My younger self would be shocked and beyond proud of how far I’ve come.

pick a number I'll answer honestly 1. name 2. height 3. weight 4. age 5. birthday 6. guy bff 7. girl bff 8. crush 9. ever fall in love 10. fave food 11. last text 12. battery percentage 13. eye color 14. addiction 15. fave song 16. fave animal 17. one wish 18. best time of your life 19. country you

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