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Here is my advice : Don’t ever try to answer the question that you can’t understand and is beyond your capabilities. No offence ?

Here’s a piece of advice too: Learn to let people live the fucking way they want, people should be allowed to wear whatever they want.
And all I’m saying is, if the woman is wearing it by choice, then I’m fine with it. I’m also fine with a nun wearing a habit, a monk wearing robes, a sikh wearing turban, a priest wearing a collar, etc. It is an expression of one’s commitment to the God they worship, who am I to judge?
What I’m against is forcing women to wear burkas. No woman should be forced to cover herself from tip to toe in cloth or risk beatings, imprisonment or death. That is oppression and I’m against it.
No offence.

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+1 answer in: “Kaaba-o-quran ko jo dekha hai ghilaf mai lipte. Ab mai samja hun ki parde ki fazeelat kya hai. #poetry”