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Are you a person with cold hands and warm heart or person with warm hands and cold heart ? 😁

A little bit of both

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What would you do if your boyfriend has been running for a while with his best friend, his Best friends girlfriend, and a running group. Then his ex from a while ago joins in. His ex girlfriend happens to be his best friends girlfriends cousin. Do you have the right to be upset?

Yes but, no.

Are you gay- straight- bi??

I'm leaning towards starting but I'm Asexual, Polyamorous and genderfluid

Does have someone to support me, because when l came out as Lesbian, my family hate me a lot, l wish they could support me, but no, they hate me, they are the one that make me Lesbian and when l came out they hate me, please 🥺, l need all your support 😭😭, ( please answer me if you understand me)

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I support you, if your family doesn't like you because you're a lesbian that's their problem. Not yours .


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