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Are u the real dixie?...

I’m not... and to be honest I didn’t get to know many of you for real because this account belonged to someone else like 1 month ago. So since my friends came out, I won’t keep pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m not Dixie, I don’t tend to expose my personal info here since got zero emotional connections but I’m sorry if I ever made someone feel uncomfortable.
This is actually a rescue of our own reality, but also too much pressure. I feel bad for everyone this famous in real life, it’s pretty hard not to handle everything and everyone and do the choosing of paying attention to 2 or 3 people among 40000 of them. It’s hard and now I know it.
I hope you all can forgive me, forgive us. We always did our best to keep their image clean and super nice, the way we think they are. Did our best to treat their fans the best way :)
I won’t delete this account unless you guys ask me to, which I totally understand.
(Falo português, se alguém quiser dizer olá)

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If you were a volunteer, where would you like to work? ( for example me ill to help animals)

genieanonyme69’s Profile Photogenieanonyme69
That’s such an interesting question and I would totally do the same as you. I’d help animals just I like I try to do everytime a challenge comes up to me involving them
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Hi Dixie, would you do me a favor please, could you tell my friend Desy she is beautiful, because she wants to listen to anyone who tells her she is ugly, please help me 💙

noe_correnti’s Profile Photonoe_correnti
Hi! Well Desy please believe your own beauty, it’s yours so it’s real and special. No one’s opinion should change that, and you truthfully are that damn gorgeous. Everyone is, their own way, never think otherwise.

Hi Dixie, hru?? As u know December 25th is Christmas, my best friend, Luca, loves you Charlie and Noah... I'd like to give him a special gift and make him receive your Merry Christmas greetings, if u read this message thank you all in advance .🖤🦋 have a good day😊

Izza_ltj’s Profile Photoizzaa_
Hello sweetie! Well, merry Christmas for you both from me, Charli, Noah and my family. Also, merry merry meeerry Christmas to everyone reading this, I’m wishing you all the best life has saved for you bubs. Lots of love from D’Amelio family 💙

'because for you, you’re the number one and incomparable' - wow, that's such a beautiful quote of yours. Thank you so much, that helped and was exactly what I just needed. Stay blessed

HN_Nisa_38’s Profile PhotoNisa
You have no idea how much you made me smile right now after knowing you needed this. Thank you for that, stay strong beautiful!
+1 answer in: “I feel so insecure when i see yall celebrity's because you guys are so beautiful then i look at myself and im ugly.”

You bring out the best of me everyday. Even though we have our flaws, I’m the happiest thanks to you. Thank you for never giving up on me when I’m in a bad mood, for cheering me up when I’m down, for supporting my dreams like no one else. You truthfully are a blessing in every life you get the chance to get in, and I know that since you crossed mine. I love you to the moon and never come back, because let’s be honest, universe is bigger than Earth. My bubs @itsnotnoahbeck 💙
You bring out the best of me everyday Even though we have our flaws Im the
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I feel so insecure when i see yall celebrity's because you guys are so beautiful then i look at myself and im ugly.

zondrakretzschmer778667’s Profile PhotoLowkey_zondra
Being a celebrity doesn’t make them prettier than you. Please remind yourself that you’re such a beautiful person! And never compare yourself to anyone else, because for you, you’re the number one and incomparable. Love yourself always 🖤
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