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It’s hard to tell if any of the things that you say on here is true or not. Stop fucking playing with me.


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Why did you do all this to me… I loved you. You were my best friend. Now you act like I don’t exist. It’s weird not having you in my life but now I am in a relationship with someone and it’s really good. You always act like you are the victim and you always try to wrap people around your finger.

If you’re really happy in another relationship with someone else, why do you keep complaining?

Why do I still think of this person I haven’t been in contact with for two years now?

You’re dwelling

Tbh whoever keeps trying to tell you off needs to tell you to your face because their big weird for doing it anonymously

Forreal tho

You are a grown adult so when are you going to start acting like one?

The moment everyone else around me stops acting like children cause I’ve already grown up

What do you think of people who watch your every move on social media and talk shit about you on group chat? They never talk to you but always watching and hating

Like why dey do dat

You say the most weird shit on your profile, I can see why you have no friends This is not a shout-out either

It’s most definitely a shoutout😂

Are you a cheater? I heard from your ex that you're a heartless cheater.

Bs. They cheated on me several times

I don’t actually like you. Never did. Never will. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Story of my life lmao


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