Ask @dka_me:

Tell me something that you consider it an "illusion". Feel free to explain your reasons for that.

This whole world. Cuz how can i know that the color red i see is the same red you see. Or how can i tell that the taste for a specific type of food is same as the taste for another person. Throughout our life we have been taught that red is red and blue is blue. But how can i really tell that both of us see it as the same thing?? Even if you tell me or I tell you or if anyone else tells you what they see, you will never know if you are seeing the same thing as the other person.

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Why are most Blacks 7/10 so rude, moody and passive aggressive? Are they really still upset about that whole slavery thing that happened 300 years ago?

The Real Agent 47
Yeah Probably. They think that people are still racist and so they are always being rude cuz they think everyone is the same.

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Why do doctors have terrible handwriting?

Because they have to write a lot and for long hours. so to quickly do that, they just scribble on the paper.

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would you rather have to wear your swimsuit all day on the last day of school or carry around a large beach umbrella all day on the last day of school?