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Saan kayo allergic? Ano nangyayari kapag inaallergy na kayo? Chocolate 🍫 akin amp. Skl

clyntrrs’s Profile PhotoC
awww ako wala namn po

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Normal ba sa babae na hindi niya fineflex bf niya sa socmed? 1 yr mahigit na sila

nah mostly girls loves to flex kahit low-key pa

sira ba IG? bat di na mareactivate yung acc? :(((

awww IG is very sensitive you might lost your account

Is it okay to ghost someone, when you no longer feel the like to talk to him?

hannahmariefranciescahernandez’s Profile Photopeanut butter
nah! such a red flag and mean person u know there's karma for that... if u're no longer interested just bid them farewell atleast so that they can move forward too stop doing that kind of act or else you'll experience that too

First to get correct answer will get 1k 🔥 A girl got killed the killer took her iphone airpods piano and money what did the killer take first?

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