Ask @dmrd6:

Do you believe that benevolent sexism is a bad thing? Why/why not? Any other thoughts? I just read this article and was curious about your opinions:

I think if you look hard enough you can find a negative in anything. Sure, "benevolent sexists" may consider women the weaker sex and feel they need protection, but what's really so bad about that? They're only being kind and most likely have a dated mindset. Let's all get angry at men who smile at women and hold the door for them now, for no reason. If a guy treats fellow men with that same empathy (offering someone who's cold a jacket), I'm sure another random SJW could find a way to call him out on his worldview and label him an asshole. What I take from this article is basically in 2015, you're wrong no matter what and you can't win.

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