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I'm sorry but I don't support gay marriage. If you have brotherly love that's fine but man and woman are meant for each other.

I support incentivising family unity and not fatherless homes.

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what do you think about racism

Being the only kind to experience it out life time, I think it’s a group of cowards

I had four concussions because of my partner. I rather be fucki*** alone than being in a relationship

What’s a 5th

Even if I can’t have you will you be like family to me?

I am not sure I couldn’t right now, I’m still in love with you

What do you think about Nicole Kidman eating live insects

Must be working but I suddenly can see her like b4…does she really eat bugs 🐜 wtf

what do you think about people who crush bugs for pleasure

I was to chinked shit and the gross feeling of the squash heeebi geebis

It still does not feel like this is really happening.

Valcor69’s Profile PhotoArya Hoover
It’s going to be the end of it I am don’t pretend and ignoring the obvious entrapment, if I cared so little to cheat on you…my love my daughters mother, cared so little for or families I would have never even filed. And the mother fucker playing this fucking game for profit will get what’s coming they always do.
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It’s ok I’m used to being used and tossed out..being fake loved

I never faked anything , sending pictures of you helping me fix my car to some dude saying fuck that pos, you got so much never ever hurting me like this wtf her I am another Christmas coming and still being abused by you wtf

why u make me fall for you if you don't care!!

Yeah I cry for everyone I don’t care for cuz I don’t love them…

Men, if you have/had a daughter, would you want them to date someone like you?

Loyal president caring fuck yeah, beaten battered bruised I WOULD TELL HER TO STOP

So what does it mean when someone hugs you really tightly for a really long time, hugs you 4 times in a row and then pulls you forward closer to them “almost” to the point of dragging you. My hands were around her waist and her hands were around my shoulders/neck.

I have no clue,.. who did this???

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