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its_jass’s Profile PhotoJassim Naeem
ہاں، اکیلا ہے من پر مکمل ہے یہ
ادھورے ہے تم!
بلکہ ہو ہی نہیں
جھوٹ کی زمین پر، فریب کے یہ سارے گھر
اِن میں رہنے والے تم!
خون سفید، دل پتھر
زمہ ہے یہ قدرت کا، یا خطہ تمہاری ہے؟
جو بھی سبب سو ہے، پر سزا ہماری ہے

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Is there one book that changed your life or had a lasting impact?

Riffatluv’s Profile PhotoRiffat arif
I recently read Namal by Nimrah Ahmed and its one of my fav books now. One of the most beautiful things that I learned from that book is:
There's a famous ayah of Quran Paak
إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
'Verily with every hardship comes ease'
it's clearly written that with the 'hardship' comes the 'ease' but we always misinterpret this ayah and we perceive that the 'ease' would come after the 'hardship'. We wait for it and we simply ignore the fact that EASE HAS ALREADY COME TO US ALONGWITH THAT HARDSHIP. We are so lost in that hardship that we ignore the ease. So this thing, this little piece of knowledge has changed my perception to some extent whenever I'm worried I j look around to find my 'EASE' and i often find it :)


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