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How lame your siblings are? 🌚

I had 4 older bros. 3 of them made my life hell but they. They took my parents que and degraded me. My nickname was mistake. They also told me i wasnt wanted. Because i was born I somehow ruined the family. They did some messed up stuff to me. Must of been decided when i was born they planned on making me the black sheep. Ao if that means their lame well they should have their pic in the dictionary under lame

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In your bio it says alpha male Can you describe what that means amd how it kind of applies to you ?

Yes good question. Alpha is another word for dominant. When ppl hear dominant they think of bdsm. The real meaning is more of chivalry. As the Alpha male i open car doors as well as doors of establishments we go to. At a restaurant. She tells me what she would like and when our server comes i order for both. If we are walking on a sidewalk i will always be the one closest to the road to keep her safe.

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Does anyone have any tips in getting an abused cat to associate human touch with love and affection, and not hurt and punishment?

Thats a tough one as it goes against a cat's instinct to have a lot of interaction with humans.
I would make it a point not to come up to the abused cat. You can introduce fun toys in the cat's areas. Try to get your scent on the toys or a pillow and bed. Keep home quiet and peaceful. Talk to the cat in a nice sweet voice. Have treats close by to teward the cat when it comes close to you. Be patient. Very patient. Let it come to you on her terms. Be mindful of sudden movements to. Good luck

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