for 3 sentence fic meme: jikook, high school au? thank you! I love your writing btw, I hope you have a great day o◡o

"All I'm saying is, you could've easily said, 'Hi, I'm Kim Seokjin, your Physics tutor.' You didn't have to let him know you're a professional stalker."
Seokjin rolls his eyes and grumbles. "I just did my research, okay," he argues, "nothing wrong about that," and stops even before Yoongi can ask him to elaborate. It's not as if he has to /explain./ He just... decided to look up the guy who'd emailed him in nice, formal Korean, asking for help on Physics and saying he needed a 'savior'. Turns out, said guy was cute. And years younger than him. And incredibly charming with the way he followed Seokjin's every movement with his eyes during their first tutoring session. Big deal.
- - - - -
I CHEATED THIS IS MORE THAN 3 SENTENCES SORRY ;; also, thank you so much!! <3