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I don't deserve to have a girlfriend. There I said it. Now why do I have the feeling that you're not going to agree and ask me if I'm sure about that? you projecting your ideas upon me, and expecting me to validate or challenge them, it seems like you REALLY believe somewhere in yourself that you don’t think you deserve one.
As devil’s advocate, not saying exactly what you said, but why have you come to that conclusion?

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my ex has lost everything and everyone and isn't happy with her life. should i let go or try to save her? i still love her

What exactly to you mean by “try to save her”? So, because I don’t know, yes, if you feel inclined to be there for her, and be of some support, sure. That does not mean you need to get back in a relationship with her. She’s an ex for some reason. And I am sorry to say, all you can do is be a supportive and caring friend. Every individual has to figure out what they want from their life, and has to make the decision themselves to pursue that desired life. If she is suicidal, you need to make sure she knows how to get help. Just be a friend and someone to talk to, and let her know that she’s not alone.

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But if a girl already has a nurse uniform tucked away in her closet she might be one of those psycho girlfriends who secretly slips bacterial cultures into her boyfriend's food to purposely make him sick just so she can dress up and play nurse to him. Kinda makes you think doesn't it?

Bahahaha! Alright, I’ll consider this possibility, sure.

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+4 answers in: “Do you think it's reasonable for a guy to request that his girlfriend dress up as a nurse and take care of him while he's at home sick in bed? Asking for a friend.”

I work out every day. Nothing crazy just about an hour to keep in shape. I skipped today because its been a long week and I just wasn't feeling up to it. So I just flexed to feel my bicep, lamenting to myself for not lifting today, but my muscles actually felt firmer. What's going on here?

Idk, your muscles weren’t just jello from working out every day? You had some recovery time, and things feel more “normal”?

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