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Tbh I don't think you like me lol . We don't talk but you seem really cool & funny af

Idk you haha but there's a story behind it but thanks

Well I'm interested lol and just wanted to know if he has feelings for someone else.

Ill cut you a deal who are you n ill help ya out

Which ex do you think has changed for the better and one who is just going down the wrong path

Why does it matter doc. They're exs done n moved on from, theres none going down a bad path or good its all their choices, if they do bad then they do bad, if good then I think you know.

the girl you like what's the first letter to her name, that doesn't give away anything

Why you wanna know so bad homie

Who's the one ex every in you're life that you didn't think they'd look the way they do now

They all look different I've grown up with em and seen them change


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