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Laying here ballin' my eyes out about to drift off to sleeep😭😭😭😭😭. My as I ball even harder the thought of my magical xperience this motning. Yes indeedy. God showed me exactly what I needed to see. God was like "Your special person is just for you, & I'm proving that you belong wih him" 😭😭

lmarie7328’s Profile PhotoLynn Marie
You shouldn't be crying who is making you feel so bad and I'm the one telling you not to put it out there

I’ve texted with two women I’ve met on dating sites and just a little bit after we started texting they asked me to buy them gift cards 😕🙄😒

No don't

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I thought we had a chance you and I, but you always chose another person. It seems like you always love someone else more than me. Goodbye it’s clear I’m not the one.


Journaling my thoughts here . Does anyone else do that? Instead of writing in a book you come on here & spill your lil' heart out😌🙇🏼‍♀💭

lmarie7328’s Profile PhotoLynn Marie
Not to the public there brutality mean

Is pulling the shirt over the head to be funny and silly considered indecent exposure if you're a boy?

Chris Smolik
That's a dam good question you would think so in this cancel culture but it's not it's all about dividing the American people that all it's about cancel culture came from a communist professor back in the 30tys imagine that if you don't believe it look it up

As I have said so many times… I wish you could see into my brain and heart. I guess it doesn’t matter now, huh?

Why don't it matter

Doesn't NFL MLB Brian Urlacher look like NFL QB Jake Delhomme?

Chris Smolik
Fick all of them all they care about is how many tweets they can get instead of the game or their fans

Why these anons from all the way want to be friends but deep down they're scared to reveal who they are ??

I don't know you tell me


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