Ask @dovbts:

what kinds of snacks or munchies do you eat when you're high

the shit i do isnt something you get munchies with, and i’ve never had oui’d to the point of getting munchies,,,
that being said while it doesn’t give me munchies, i do like nibbling/snacking on cereal (frosted flakes) when i have some, to the point where my friends just.. have some for me and its kind of a joke?
it hit different when i’m h*gh doe i genuinely have no words 😳

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In your opinion, what book should everyone read?

the twilight series, i said what i said 😌🥴
on some real shit — nefertiti by michelle moran is probably my favourite book of all time tho 😳 idc if its a fictional dramatised whatever targeted at teen girls it’s fucking OUTSTANDING, it’s (mostly) historically accurate, the writing is captivating asf and i reread it all the mfing time

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did your family upbringing have any influence on your career, or what you want your career to be?

leigh; ✖️
yep, i have always ALWAYS been told my career had to be in STEM or a “preapproved” liberal arts (english, history, religous studies, education, etc.). not going to college or going to college for any sort of art is & was not allowed lol.
despite that ive always wanted to go to art school but i mean i lowkey cheated the system by minoring in studio art AND /having/ to go to art school for my master’s degree despite it technically within STEM parameters so 😌

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how would you define success? do you consider yourself successful by your own definition of the word?

leigh; ✖️
success in terms of like... succeeding in life? honestly just financial security (which is however that person wants to define that) and being happy. like not even being a homeowner or anything means success bc some people donr want that, they want to live in a van and travel so if thats their success then yeah
and i think i’m as successful as i could be presently! i’m not at an age where i should be completely independent (by my culture’s standards, anyway) but i’m working towards a career path, i rent a home, i have a job, so 😳 yea

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What's on top of your birthday wish list?

i mean not birthday but if y’all wanna contribute to my moving out wishlist i’d be hella thankful 😳😳
all these items are completely nonessential btw, basically just decorative or things that would improve my life (like, literal grass & certain storage bins) but im not gonna d*e w/o them. and obviously im not saying “buy me this” bc... its y’alls money lmao do with it as u please 😳 like i highly doubt someone is gonna buy me a 300$ ac lmfao but a 7$ candle warmer? maybe 🥺👉🏻👈🏻😳

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