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Americans the rest of the year "America is a racist country founded on the g*nocide of native americans!!!1 FK AMERICA". Americans on the 4th of july: "LONG LIVE USA! *fireworks blowing and bbq smoke floating all over*. Ha hahah *laughs at you *

anyway america still sucks even on the fourth but hey i dont have to wear my uniform to work tomorrow cus i can wear an american themed tshirt so 😩✋🏻 say less

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A few years ago, around mid 10s there was a whole drama concerning this feminist b tch who'd lost all her money at the casino in Vegas and she'd been evicted, so she asked her followers for donations but I seriously can't remember her name or what her @ was. Any idea who she was? do u remember

everything is fuzzy from that time of my life as unfortunately ‘i’ wasn’t . really there, nor did i get those memories after integration — like i have those memories they just . arent mine so i dont know how to “sort” through them really. its just easier to forget and move on
idk ugh i cant put it in words well im sorry :(

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