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Good night 🥱😴

*posts this picture of jack and drops off the face of the earth again*
woah nml art 😱
Good night

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Have you ever stolen objects or money from your parents when you were a teenager? I have. I was a rebellious stupid teen like most teens. So one day when my dad was away I sneaked into his office and stole like $3k cash. By the time he found out I had already spent like $200. It didn’t end well😭

i stole my mom's cc when i was like 12 and spent like 200$ iirc lmao
it was on in-game currency for stardoll too 💀

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what's your opinion on starbucks, do you like it? my basic white girl ass loves it.

i'm a starbies bitch thru and thru as well 😔🙏🏻

Can TikTok stop pushing this harmful trend called "girl dinner", even if it's supposedly a joke? Please let us not return to the glorification of EDs, let that sh*t in 2010. The ghost of Toxic Tumblr still lingers

girl dinner was genuinely funny/cute at first (and it!!! was a spinoff of boy dinner!!!) but ppl quickly used it as an excuse to promote eds which makes me so :/

Why are westerners called “expats” but non-westerners are called “immigrants”

i have never in my life heard the word "expat" 💀

What are your thoughts on Lizzo getting accused of s*xual harassment and weight-shaming? Tbh I'm kind of shocked like I would've never expected that from her.

shes definitely guilty 💀 marty singer is her lawyer thats enough for me lmfaooo
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Do cats tend to become more attached to their humans as they get old?

i wouldnt say that necessarily ? but most cats mellow out with age which can be perceived as attachment, and their bond with you will deepen overtime as they are complex social creatures (like us!) so just like humans, bonds strengthen & change over time :)

Should Karens be relegated to work in the fast food industry for at least a week, just to see what it's like to be treated in the same manner they treat workers? Maybe that'll humble them and instill some empathy into their ridiculously entitled selves.

when we all die karens will go to hell and be forced to work customer service. specifically having to tell all the politicians why they're in hell and argue w them for all of eternity <3

Do you think that most TV series in the past were exclusionary? I mean, I love 90s and 00tv series. I've seen Gilmore Girls twice, but I noticed that when Rory goes to Yale, there's no POC students 'cept Asians, but that's only bc of the nerdy stereotypes about them. The rest are just white.

honestly no idk 💀 i grew up watching the big bang theory & star trek like those are both known for having representation

What's the most uncommon name you know? I have a friend whose name is Citlali. "This beautiful feminine name means “star” and is of Classical Nahuatl origin, a Native American/Aztec/Mexican language". I love the name, If I ever (aka never) have a daughter I’m going to name her that🥹🏻

honestly idk anyone w uncommon names ? i think my name is the most uncommon of everyone i know (kain, esp w that spelling)

Is it inappropriate for a child to visit a cemetery?

imo no? i went to cemeteries as a kid w my parents but also my mom is alt so 👍🏻

why does my cat meow loudly for minutes whenever i come from home work? is she trying to comunicate with me?

if she meows + tries to lead you somewhere she wants something, if shes just meowing shes just chatting!! one of mine (brea) does that and i talk back and i like to think shes telling me about her day <3

Do you find it annoying when people in fast food dont get your food quickly? Isn’t the whole point of fast food to get your food …fast? If someone cant do that perhaps they’re not suitable for that job and someone should complain to the manager and have them fired. No one likes waiting

people like you are one of the reasons i left the food service industry lmfao
if a fast food place is busy, thats out of the staff's control. you are not the center of the world & if your food is taking a while i can guarantee you there's am 99.9% chance it's for good reason - like the store being busy, food being made to order, etc. if you dont like the wait time then take your business elsewhere.

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if it's not stupid to ask what's the joke about alabama and inc*st? i'm not american so i don't understand.

alabama has a lot of rednecks (poor white americans from the south) and inc*st is associated w rednecks. nothing more to it really


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