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Have you watched jeffrey dahmer? Do you think people are overreacting, they’re boycotting Netflix because of the show?

re-answering bc i changed my opinion —
i think netflix really dropped the ball as far as compensating victim’s families & allowing them to provide input on it but PERSONALLY i wouldnt go as far as boycotting netflix and i do plan on seeing the show as jeffrey is tied to my special interest (c*nnibalism) and i’ll probably have a more solid opinion after i see it but like. im kinda watching hannibal rn so its gonna have to wait
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Was your school's playground a breeding ground for bullies?

not really but i went to private school so it was a v different environment,,,

Ever had issues with finding the right gift for someone? I want to buy my dad new shoes, his old ones are kinda old and Lord this is burdensome, like it's so hard picking smth for a 50 y/o man. Every new fall collection looks too fashionable for his taste, gotta be something more heteroconservative.

nah, but then again i’m autistic so i’m v good abt picking up little things about people & then gift giving is my primary love language so it works out 😎👍🏻

Keep your laws off men's bodies women of USA. Get an inflatable man doll or something. Keep your sexual problems off our bodies.

why are you talking to me like i’m a republican senator i am literally a fucking communist furry on the internet

Do you have any tips on how to feel better emotionally/physically? Even if it's just mundane, simple things such as sleeping more, drinking water, take relaxing baths etc.

lifestyle advice:
- learn to stop caring/let shit go. seriously. the second i stopped caring about other people’s opinions life got infinitely better lmao
- indulge yourself whenever you can. have some extra money? buy yourself a little something. if you have access to a decent amount of disposable income, indulge yourself frequently!
- piggybacking off of that- surround yourself with ppl & things you love. even if those things are considered ugly or tacky or weird, if they make you happy, surround yourself with it !!
- keep your spaces clean. try and do little things that require no/little energy so it doesnt snowball out of control, or try and find habits/things that accomodate you (ie. buying a second hamper for clothes so you dont have dirty clothes on the floor once your hamper is full)
- if you cant do dishes often, use disposable dishes (it’s like 5$/350 plates). if you cant do disposable or insist on using standard plates just scrape off the excess food/drink into the trash, run it under the sink for a quick rinse and leave it in the sink until you can wash it.
when it’s bad™️ advice:
- can’t shower? baby wipes. dry soap/no rinse soap for smelly areas (like armpits). change all your clothes (underwear too!) everyday. makes you feel a lot cleaner!
- want ur space/bedroom to feel cleaner but dont have the energy to do it all? throw out FOOD related trash only and swap out your bedsheets for clean ones + light a candle/do some airspray. works wonders

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when you're feeling sad, do you listen to sad songs or do you listen to happy songs in hopes that they'll cheer u up

depends on the type of sad i am. i am always “sad”— my baseline mood is incredibly depressed lmfao.

Should children go back to zoom classes? The city traffic is wild in the morning.

ah yes. traffic. we should take children, yknow, mentally developing humans & the future of society, out of school (which is v important, esp at that age) because of ✨traffic✨

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I feel like this is a hot take that makes ppl angry, but ppl should not burden others with their issues. I'm not implying mentally ill ppl should be shunned, no way but if someone isn't willing to get help and better themselves, you're not a bad person for cutting them out. What are your thoughts?

nah cuz you’re 100% right ☠️

Kain, do you think pet snakes can bond and feel love for their parent? Reptiles are knlwn to be cold blooded - i always use the word parent instead of owner cause i dont like that term. pets are kids—

if my fish has a bond w me i wouldn’t see why snakes can’t also develop bonds :)

Do LGBT people in the Western world realise how lucky they are to have the privilege to be themselves freely without the fear of imprisonment or even d*ath?

lgbt people still live in fear in the western world. something being legal =/= something being accepted by society. hatecrimes are still scarily prevalent in the usa.

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Do people in a town still gather somewhere to discuss the town's issues w/ the mayor?

i mean idk bout towns seeing as i live in a city but yeah. its funny asf seeing the city council get yelled at on the news tbh ☠️

Is texas cheap? I mean ik nothing's cheap in capitalism but is it cheaper compared to new york for ex?

my partner & i’s rent for a westside (“nice” area of ep) 2bed 2bath townhome was 750$ including pet rent.
our mortage for a 3bed, 2bath house in an ever nicer area than our apt on the westside is 1200$ after utilities & wifi.
you tell me ☠️

what does it mean if my cat always wants to sit on my lap? like whenever i'd sit down on a chair she'd come and jump on my lap. does she luv me ;-;

she wants to crawl under your skin & love you and that’s the closest she’ll get <3
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Fxck the hag she can rot! No sympathy for colonisers🌈

like are we forgetting when f*cking marg thatcher d*ed the uk made the “ding dong the witch is dead” #1 itunes ☠️
☘️🇮🇪🌈 lizzy’s in a box 🎶in a box, in a box🎶 lizzy’s in a box 🌈🇮🇪☘️

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