Ask @dowsabel:

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

I'm not one for favorites persay, so I'll have to answer with several. I recently rewatched The Life Aquatic which reaffirmed how much I love its soundtrack, though Jackie Brown, Stand By Me, & Lost in Translation are also pretty high up there for me. Some honorable mentions are Real Genius, SLC Punk, Point Break ('91), Trainspotting, Kill Bill II, Donnie Darko, & Broken Flowers

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unpopular opinions:

– Both Shakespeare & Gustav Åhr are highly overrated artists in their respective mediums
– Cats & dogs are equal despite their individual popularity levels
– Ranch is garbage
– Harry Potter lore can (& will) withstand the test of time
– Hip hop is dead
– No one cares that you smoke weed

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Are humans truly creative, or do they gain their ideas from prior observations?

I believe creativity is bred in part through inspiration (prior observations), but I don't believe it makes it any less true having been brought on through an observation, that is what inspiration means. When not really taken out of inspiration & instead made wholly from a lack of one's own internal ingenuity, that's when true creativity is lost

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Why dont you cut your hair?

Your choice in phrasing is mildly flooring? LOL Not only has my hair been longer than not for most of my life, only in the past several years have I kept my hair relatively short.. lul
In any case, I cut my hair every few months, so feel free to take yr sour acrimonious proclivities w you on yr way out <3

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What childhood story actually frightened you?

Honestly no real tales come to mind. Though, I do remember a story told to me by my brother when I was about eight that creeped me out for a couple weeks & made me lose sleep. When walking by a neighbor's, he pointed out what seemed to resemble a motionless & unstaggering young girl standing in the upstairs window frame but she had no noticable facial features. It semi-confused & haunted me for a while, which, I never fully realized why. Though when I've thought back on it, I figure it just had to have been a mannequin placed near a window 🙃

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