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Is it too late to start a new feature story? I realized I wont be able to make the word count.

No, it's not too late but it may be challenging to get it done on time. Please feel free to send me an email (harrisf@uhd.edu) pitching your new idea or request an appointment to discuss your pivot plans.

Good afternoon! I am wondering if there is a zoom meeting password for today’s Comm 3311 introduction zoom? Every time I click on the link it won’t let me in without a password.

The password for our Zoom meetings will always be included in the calendar invite and shared via Blackboard announcements before we meet.

Greetings Professor! I was wondering if you would still accept missing assignments? Even for some credit not fully of course?

There are some considerations that go into whether or not I accept late assignments. You would need to email me so I know your name, course, and which assignments you are referring to -- some can be made up and others cannot.

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Good Morning Professor Harris and Happy TUESDAY!!! I didn't do to hot on the last QUIZ and that's not ok with ME lol. Will te Quiz be over Chapter 7? and I didn't see the video The Asian Sex Forum. Thank You so much in advance and Have a Great and Productive Day!!!

Quiz #4 is on Chapters 7 & 8. There is no forum for the Asian stereotypes video but you can always create a thread in the OPEN FORUM to discuss your thoughts.
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Professor Harris, is the link for the evaluation still on BB under Assignments-Midterm Evaluation? Have I missed the deadline? I saw where you said it was extended.

The Midterm Evaluation was extended for one day through 11:59 pm on Monday. Unfortunately, it is now closed.

Do we have a midterm exam for COMM 3313?

No midterm exam, just your quizzes as outlined in your course syllabus.

can it be a place outside Houston? or should I stick to a place in Houston I can interview?

I believe it would be easiest to chose a place in Houston if you are profiling a place. However, as long as you can meet the assignment lenght and source (3 interviews) requirements, you should be in the clear.

Regarding the Pitch letter. If I am to talk about a place can it be around the world or just Houston?

Ideally, it would be a local place you can visit and make detailed observations. However, that is not a requirement. As long as you are able to meet the length and source (3 interviews) requirement, you should be in the clear.

Prof. Harris, is everyone in your COMM3311 class are to expect a feedback from you. Should we wait for it before starting our WA1 assignment?

Hello -- This was addressed during the class hangout that was recorded and shared via BB. My feedback will come on your written assignments. The discussion forums are primarily for peer engagement. In other words, no need to wait on me to start on your writing assignment! I'll give you feedback on it once its submitted.

Could you please reopen the quiz I pushed the wrong button was trying to save my answer. Sorry

Hello! For requests such as these, I'll need you to send me an email to harrisf@uhd.edu with your name and class. Thanks!

I told myself that I was not going to be stressed out my last semester before I graduate, but it happened. I came home and got so busy with my other class and totally forgot about your discussion board 2. Can I please get at least partial credit for this assignment? Janae Jackson your Comm 3303

Hi Janae - Please submit your late work as soon as possible. For future references, it's best to submit specific grading inquiries via e-mail to harrisf@uhd.edu.

Hello can I still submit quiz 6?

I'd need more info in order to answer this question (name, course, etc.). Please send an email instead! Thx.

I am so behind on coursework. I see that the assignments are still "open". Can I still submit missed assignments for a grade?

Yes, as of now you can still submit missed assignments and receive a late penalty. However, if there are extenuating circumstances that would garner a reasonable accommodation of due dates, etc., I encourage you to email me directly.
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I think I was dreaming but do we have a zoom meeting to this week to discuss our interviews?

We were supposed to have a Zoom meeting this week, but my Zooms have been canceled due to a death in the family. Please stay tuned to Blackboard announcements for updates.

For WA2: Pitch Letter, do we have to contact someone for a preliminary interview? Who would we have to interview if our topic is about a place or person, and what if we don't get a response?

Ideally, you should have been able to speak to at least one source prior to your pitch in order to speak to your story's viability. However, it's possible to pitch without speaking to someone. With regard to place or person, you should interview anyone who can add context or additional information/clarification to the story you are trying to tell. If you don't get a response, you should think of additional sources/angles.
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I am very confused on the video discussion part. How do we know who our team members are and how many videos we turn in each week after each unit?

I will send an announcement for more clarity this afternoon. However, your teams will be finalized after everyone has a chance to sign up. Each student will create one video only. There will be up to five videos per unit depending on the size of the unit team.
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Are we required to purchase both "Writing for the Mass Media" and "The Associated Press Stylebook 2019: and Briefing on Media Law" or just the former for the class?

Purchasing both is *ideal* but only Writing for the Mass Media (Stovall) is required. There are AP Style resources included in our textbook and in Blackboard.

Hello! I have a concern with the Pass/No Pass thing. I can not make a decision on what option to choose if I do not know where I stand with the course as of now. Will our grades be updated before the 30th?

I'm working on grades all week this week. If you have specific questions about your grade, please send me an email from your TSU account and I'll give you an idea of where you stand. Or, we can schedule a 1:1 Zoom meeting. Hope this helps!

Hello! If we don't fully understand the new updated version of our newspaper scavenger hunt, is there a way to hop on a video call or chat with you?

Absolutely. However, you'll need to email me directly at felicia.harris@tsu.edu to set it up. Or, if you're up to it, you can join and ask in our class Marco Polo group.

Greetings! I recently attended the fireside chat. I asked the question about cultivation theory and its affects. Just wanted to see if we needed to submit anything to ensure our credit is accounted for. Best, Maya Miller

Thanks for reaching out, Maya! Your question was excellent and a great contribution to our discussion. I'll be posting details on how to receive credit in our online class shortly.

Hi. this is . How long is test 1 open for comm 3303 online

The exams description on your syllabus indicates that all exams will open by 8 a.m. on Thursdays and close by 11:59 p.m. Sundays on the week they are assigned (with the exception of the final exam, which may have a special time window).

Dr. Harris I was wondering if only the 11th or 12th edition are acceptable or can we use the 8th edition.?

I would prefer no more than one edition behind, which is the 11th edition, simply because too many additions have been made in between the 8th and 12th. Note that the digital version of our text is affordable. Also, you can create a trial account for the digital version for free before you make a decision to purchase and that could buy you some time to make a purchase or locate an 11th or 12th edition later. I'm also working on getting a copy of the text to put on reserve at the library. Hope this helps!

Hello Dr.Harris, I haven't purchased my book for RTF 130 for online I am currently struggling in Financial. I'm really trying my best to find a way to purchase the book but one assignment is due tonight the Discussion for Unit 2 "Shrinking world" I don't Know what to do. I don't want to be behind.

For specific grading concerns, please send me a private e-mail so that I may be best able to address your individual situation.
Also, here are some options that I used to access expensive textbooks when I was a student:
- Renting
- sharing with a classmate on costs
- checking the library for a recent or current edition, try interlibrary loan if our library doesn’t have it
- check off campus bookstores that have discounted prices
- stay tuned for book scholarship opportunities throughout the semester (I’ll share a few as they arise)
Hope this helps!

Hello Dr Harris, I purchased my media and culture book but its the 11th edition. Would I be able to use the 11th edition?

The 11th edition should be fine. The 12th edition was just released so it should include only minor modifications. I'll try to highlight differences, if possible.


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