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This is Nine News, with Peter Hitchener. Good evening, Joshua Leggieri has been awarded for being the sexiest man in Heathdale Christian College by the Govenor General representing Her Majesty the Queen. He says he accepts the award whole heartedly. He deserves it. In other news.....

Well nine news has been infamous for reporting false news..

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I don't think that you really notice and I'm not sure why but your like so hot!

lol this is obviously fake

What do you think about Elaiza?

Only talked to her a couple times on fb but she's pretty cool and plays cod so that's awesome as well :P

Thoughts on Jerry, Isabella, Molly, Chelsea and Abigail

i've already done half these people in another ask -_-

What do you think of Juliette?

We never talk in real life but we have pretty funny conversations on facebook

Thoughts on Karen Olivia lucas steph and Bella

Karen: Already said before but one of my best friends :)
Olivia: Hardly talk but she's alright
Isabella: One of my best friends, can talk to her about anything :)
Lucas: best mate, really cool and can talk about anything with him
Steph: We don't talk a lot but she asks if I'm okay when I'm feeling bad and I really appreciate that a lot :)
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Your thoughts on Jarred, Anthony, Curtis, Jamison?

Jared: he has yt monay
anthony: pretty cool, tank as
curtis: hardly talk to him
jamison: only just started talking to him but yeah, he's pretty cool and he plays pc so thats sweet as well

Thoughts on these ladies; jerusalem, karen, molly and lerisha

jerusalem: one of the coolest girls i know, really good friend
karen: one of my best friends, really nice and is my tumblr buddy
molly: don't really talk to her now but she's pretty cool
lerisha: never talked to her


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