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All together you started to push her away everyone saw it. From being by each other all the time to not even going to lunch with the poor girl or just ignoring or yelling at her when she came around you. Yet she didn't listen to none of us when we told her to leave your ass.

And again, all of your information is clearly coming from her.

Nigga You never wanted to go out with the poor girl which made her seem like you didn't like the way she looked. Going to party's you acted like you didn't even know her but yet got mad when a guy hit on her or put his hands on her ass. ( I told her ass not to tell you) &

All of which are assumptions. You're going off of everything she's told you which means you're only hearing one side of the story and running with it.
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Yes I've known you for years and I know how you felt about her before all the bullshit u did, but now who knows how you feel about that gurl.

All the bullshit I did? Please elaborate.

To this day I say you made a mistake on letting her go, that gurl put up with your bullshit loved you for you and never once turned her back on you even with the bullshit u gave her, She gave you a lot & you gave that up for what? A dude looking gurl & for you to be a hoe.

And again, you have no idea what you are talking about but I mean hey, thats your opinion and obviously your butt hurt over something. If I did anything to harm your feelings, from the bottom of my heart I sincerely do not give a fuck so please move on. :-)

How was it a negative situation? Every time I seen you, you were happy or were you just putting a act on?

Wasn't an act.

You need to stop lyin I known u for years and when lyndsay came along that's all you talked about & was with you "dropped" people for a little cuz u two were always together before & after work. You loved that girl & probably still do. &

You've known me for years? You sure. Because the people that know me know exactly how I feel about her and exactly what problems we had.

Matter of fact did you even love the girl or just played her for a year?

She knew how I felt and the people around me knew how I felt. I don't have to explain anything to anyone else that wasn't there. If you were there then you wouldn't be asking me these ridiculous questions. Plain and simple.

I see You post so much shit on Instagram about the type of relationship you want or you only want a girl to love you for you yet you had that but gave her up.. you fucked yourself over.

Actually I didnt "fuck myself over." If anything, I avoided a negative situation for the chance to find a positive. But I love how people think they know something about me based off of things I post on social networks when they really have no clue. My last relationship did not fit the description of the memes that I post at all.

Woo you answer questions about sex, heres some questions for you handsome! what's your favorite position? In the past year how many girls have you slept with? What do you hate most that a girl does during sex? And have you had sex in the back of a car?

Thats a lot of questions. All of which I'm not gonna answer.

Which one would your choose..Would you go a year without your phone or a year without sex?

Hmmm. Thats a hard decision. Wait, what kind of sex?


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