Ask @dustbury:

Do you have a beloved person? If yes, how did you get acquainted?

At the time, I thought I did. (We met at a school function.) Nothing, I suspect, actually lasts forever.

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Siganmeeee 💗💗💗

Back atcha. :)

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What do you want for Christmas?

I have enough stuff. Get something for one of the local kids who would otherwise get nothing.

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What is your favorite drink on cold evenings?

Unless I'm at a gathering of friends, I drink only water in the evening, on the basis that anything else is likely to keep me awake while I'm trying to sleep.

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What can melt your heart?

A soft, warm voice, at exactly the right moment.

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Which book has made you laugh aloud?

Max Shulman's college satire, "Barefoot Boy with Cheek."

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Could you live without a computer?

For a few hours, anyway, but let's not push it.

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Are the towels older than me as threadbare as I am? Hypothetically.

Some of them indeed are; fabric can only survive so long.

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