Ask @dustbury:

For 10 years I've been the head of the conservative anti-LGBT movement in my Texas town. Yesterday my colleagues found a video of me making out with a male friend. I swear I'm not gay, just wanted to try it but they don't believe me. I'm devastated. What should I do?

This is not that unusual a situation: if you spend your days actively opposing a group, you're likely to spend your nights obsessed with them.
Tell everyone you were role-playing, and that your friend kindly stepped into the role of a trans woman. (And that he needs to dress better.)

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What do you think about vegans who feed their dogs vegan dog food? Do they have the right to force their diet on their carnivorous pets? BQ: I've seen vegans say they don't trust meat eaters to look after their pets but would you trust a vegan to look after your dog properly, in terms of feeding??

The idea of "vegan dog food" is ludicrous in the extreme, unless they're arguing that it actually comes from the star also known as Alpha Lyrae.

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