Ask @eatgrowthink:

I'm hungry. So what would you cook for me?

What do you like to eat? Latkes tend to be a winner with most people because they are the single best way to eat potatoes. Or maybe some homemade pork & shrimp dumplings? Or maybe some tamales? I just learned how to make them a little while ago and could use the practice...

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What's the earliest memory you have of cooking?

I think my earliest cooking attempt that involved a stove or oven (as opposed to making a sandwich or reheating something) was when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I tried to make French toast. The catch is that I had no clue about the ingredients and I had never seen my mom reference a recipe so I didn't even think to look for one. I knew it involved a pan and some bread and that it should be sweet so - without asking my mom for help or permission - I put bread, butter, and sugar into a pan and turned on the stove. I distinctly remember being afraid to eat the final result. Not because I thought it would taste bad but because I was legitimately concerned it would do me harm XD

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What was the last YouTube video you saw?

The last video I watched was Tastemade's "Thirsty For... Masala Chai" because I was making it to have with dinner.

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