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@Juliapricemusic asks, "What was the worst date of your life?"

I've only been on three dates;
date 1- Double date w. a friend, but our boyfriends actually ditched us... for each other?? So we went out and watched a movie together w/o them.
date 2- Triple date w. 2 other friends, they were trying to set me up with someone (rip that relationship). We went to panda express, the mall, then watched movies together. It was really, really fun.
date 3- Double date w. a friend, once again trying to set me up (with a different person (rip that relationship too)). We went to a haunted forest, and it was horrible, so my "date" and his brother (friends bf) were making the haunted forest hilarious. It was fun.
** person from date 2 & 3, i never dated. I only dated date 1 person. //:

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What’s your favorite creature?

~TW ; mention of suicide~
Suicide is not something to joke about; you don't say it to get attention. You don't say you will if you're trying to get attention, guilt, friends, etc. If you are the type of person to do that, you can go fuck yourself. A lot of people get affected by suicidal thoughts and suicides of friends/family. I know of some people who talk like this, do this type of shit. One of those people I refuse to actually be friends with. That's honestly the most ridiculous thing you could do for attention.
if you're having suicidal thoughts / depression, please please please see a doctor and get help.. I dont want to see even a stranger to me commit suicide.. it's heartbreaking, and honestly if you have these thoughts, or know someone with these thoughts please see a doctor and get help..

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