Ask @ebonymai:

What happened at school?

Okay, so basically I was alright this morning then I got annoyed with myself because something happened, nearly cried on @rayangadain's shoulder haha,got kicked out my pe lesson for no reason at all, got my phone took off me, had a break down at the end of lunch punched a wall said sorry she's okay with me and now I'm okay....
Its weird how much of a crappy day I've had and how one text made me feel a bit better;)

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What do you think about marriage?

This is what I think about marriage:
You fall inlove with someone
Have kids
Get divorced because 'it's not working and there only together for the kids'
The kids thinks it's their fault they split up and get depressed at a young age
They start therapy
They grow up and realize it wasn't their fault after all
They try not turning out like their mum but instead they turn into their dad
They hate life
and after all that they get married and all this shit happens again...

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Aliyah lowe?

love her to bits, been through so much and I love how she's still.around, she's the only one I haven't pushed away forever, she always comes back and that's good I probably wouldn't even be able to cope if I pushed her away forever:( like we're still here for eachother but I do miss her, miss how we'd just laugh about stupid things, smile at nothing just be 'use' maybe it's me or maybe it's everything else that's messed up in my head but I miss her a hell of a lot...

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What is your favorite love story movie?

None, they annoy me so much,Titanic for instance the girl is on the boat about to get away safely but then she jumped back on the sinking boat they they both was in the water THEY BOTH COULD OF FIT ON THAT WOOD, if that woman had just stayed on the boat the man could oh had that wood and they would of both survived but no. ANNOYS ME SO MUCH!

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