Ask @ecepakdil:

Is reputation important for a person nowadays?

Very much so. I have quickly realized that the reputation one gets early in their lives follows them throughout the following years. It's very hard to get rid of a bad or distasteful reputation, so I advise my friends and close ones to not do things people will constantly bring up in the future to hurt them.

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Have u followed a bad advice? Which one? What happened?

Oh yes. Multiple times.
I always get screwed over in the end because I decide to be a decent human being and be nice, but I'm always on the receiving end of all of the crap that people put me through for the sake of justifying their words and actions.

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Do you have a special Sunday activity ?

Yes, I do. I sleep in until 9 or 10:00 AM because I wake up very early during the weekday. I also take a long, hot shower at night to end the week with and work on the stories that I am writing. Sunday is a relaxing day for me and if I don't have any school work that must be done, I'm very comfortable and chill throughout the day.

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