Ask @EddyNick:

Hi Kak Eddy you've been my girl crush ever since you were in high school lagi😍Now you are getting prettier! Really hope you have a good day ❣️

Awh thank you so much, sweetie. 💛

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buatlah skincare routine saya adore dengan ur skin

Mygod i buruk doh hahaha idk la gurrrrl i takde skincare routine ni. Ala jaga kulit, cuci muka selalu & takyah pakai bedak2, makeup2 tebal2 takyah hahaha tu jela kot

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Awk ni sombong dengan orang yg awk x kenal eh

Bukan sombong but i'm soooO shy which makes it hard for me (sometimes) to talk with ppl i'm not close to

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Have you ever consider yourself as a very beautiful women and which one is prettier,you or your sister

No, not really. And i'm totally fine with it. Hmm does it really matter?

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Damn,i know that feeling.dah move on belum and another question boleh saya masuk meminang hati awak tak

Alhamdulillah dah hahaha. Hmmm nanti tanya hati dia nak tak

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Kenapa tak accept my friend request?

Hmm if i dont accept your friend request, then that simply means that we cant be friends la. And maybe bcs i dont know you.

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