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📲 If I gave you my number would you text me everyday?

If you a girl maybe
If you a dude maybe
*just not during work *

Are you happy with you D**K size?

Yes. It does it’s job… wish it was a little bigger but it’s a good size😌

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what’s something you’re glad you did?

VivreEnPaix’s Profile PhotoRhianne Coco
Where do I start…
I’m glad I did the right choice of confessing my boss what I did when we had a talk. I got fired, but I’m glad of what I did. Rather than him finding out from someone else’s mouth. And now, I’m working somewhere else where I earn more.😊
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Love or money 😳

Renaaa_100’s Profile PhotoMarena Ibrahim
Bc Love lasts longer than Money. Money comes and goes.. love Can leave you and NEVER come back; specially, if they were the real ones they thick and thin.

Would you want to know what people think about you?

Hawk81484’s Profile PhotoHawk
I already know what certain people think about me Lmao!!
But, I would also like to see what other people gotta say.


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