Edie, you recentya wrote that you and your gf went through a tough time. Are things better now and if they are how did you get through it. i am going through a roough time right now in my relatioinship and could use some advice.

Things are better between Elle and I now, but it took time. I think we had about a month to a month and a half that were really hard, and we’ve had hard times before. A lot of our issues both this time, and in the past, are about our communication—or, actually, about our LACK of communication. We weren’t talking about how we were really feeling about a lot of things, and weren’t telling each other what we needed (both from the other person, and in our lives in general), and that led to a lot of the problems we were having.
The solution was TALKING. A lot. And talking honestly, and about things that made us feel vulnerable. I think that each of us heard, and said, things that we maybe would have rather been kept inside, but if we had, we would have continued down a bad road for our relationship, because we would have been pretending that things were okay when they weren’t.
I don’t know the specifics of what’s happening in your relationship, of course, but whatever it is, the most important thing you can do to try to work through it is to talk to each other. About all of it. About every feeling and fear you’re having. But I think it’s really important to point out that Elle and I didn’t FIGHT to work through our issues. Yes we got loud sometimes, and there were many tears, but you have to talk it out remembering that you’re both on the same team. Try not to get nasty, unless the intention is for the relationship to end. I know from experience that the nasty things said in tough times leave deep and lasting wounds. If both of you still want to be together, if you want to get past this tough time and still be together, make sure to remember that and remind each other of that. You have to remember that the whole reason why everything is happening between the two of you, why you're trying so hard to come together, even if it's not quite working right now, is because you love each other, and are trying to make it work, but maybe don’t know how or are scared.
Be kind, even as you are sharing your hurt, or hearing things that hurt you to hear.
I hope this helps, anon. Keep me posted?