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If you would become one of the top businessmen in your school, who would you give the credit to?

first to God for the opportunity, second to my family for letting me become what i am, third to myself and my friends who are there to stick it through thick and thin. lastly to the instructors, professors, mentors who at least tried to instill in us the values and mindset for the challenge we are about to face.

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Ano gusto mo sa babae?

i rather not go to the extent but here goes.
i fall for those who are independent and can take care of herself although not to the point that she doesn't need anyone like me. :) one who can handle herself appropriately. ladies(i dare not say girls.) who are fun to be with, have a good sense of humour, one who i can introduce to my friends and family, not too picky, nor too vain, just plain with a dash of sweetness. one who shares my interest and ideals.
intellectually adept and emotionally capable.
physically? not too tall, ofcourse. mejo chinita, light-to-fair complexion, dark hair, slim. simple.

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