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Do you think it's plausible that your meta-ethical position that leads you to adopt an paternalistic vegan political position (i.e. you would not respect the political right of another citizen to harm non-citizen animals, etc.) is incorrect?

I wouldn't say so, but that's because I think labelling it true/false correct/incorrect would be a category error
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does prisoner's dilemma tell us anything deep about human nature?

hmm i don't think so, nothing novel or shocking anyway

Your opinion on Singer? And vegetarianism as opposed to veganism?

Singer is convincing, but not persuasive (though he ought to be persuasive; that's our/my moral failing).
I don't say this to vegetarians obv, but actually have a lot less time for them - unless they're transitioning - than meat-eaters, in most cases. Because they know what happens. They know what happens but they still won't put the animals first. That's worse.

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People become socialists out of envy. Agree?

who keeps asking me this
i literally don't have an opinion on anything around this topic
put this question in the idiot bin

what are you opinions on the argument that borderline personality disorder is sexist/a recycled version of hysteria/just PTSD in some ways?

STRONGLY disagree that it's sexist or PTSD (though many of the symptoms are similar). I really don't like any of the above view at *all*; there's enough grim stigma in the medical profession (and bloody everywhere else) that it's really exhausting. Doctors give up on you. I don't usually tell people I know about my diagnosis, because I think they'll judge me. Really tiring.
Hysteria was a genuine phenomenon, remember. Women did exhibit those symptoms. The fact that it's in part explicable through analysis of gender norms doesn't mean it didn't exist.

Have you read The Divided Self by Laing? If not I think you would find it interesting especially part 2 and also especially chapter 5 "the inner self in the schizoid condition". Also sucks bout life but uh, you're a pretty flourishing sort of person so seems you'll rock on

wow this is particularly odd as I started exactly that book a couple of weeks ago. have been rather caught up in things since, but it's something I've been desperate to read for ages (&, somewhat inevitably, adore what I've read so far) so am dying to go back to it.
thank you so much. x

Would it be right in thinking that everyone's great desire to change the world, and thus leading to ever extremer thoughts, is instantly shot down when you realise that we change the world around us every day, albeit in an infinitely, and ultimately meaningless, small way? Much like life itself?

it wouldn't be wrong

At what point should we stop using media as a means of escapism and face the brutal reality of life and actually do something about it?


At what point is killing entire cities unacceptable? Like, when you've got your shirt untucked? Do you have to be in formal attire or is smart casual alright?

go morning suit or go home

u have very nice profile pic. who took it?

that's so kind of you! my brother david took it, and I got caught in the middle of an eye-roll...

Yo, are you alright?

thank you for asking, lovely! thoughtful of you.
nah not at all, something unspeakable has happened, but it's far from my brain at the moment so really i'm just fine (genuinely, i don't feel upset or anything right now) x x
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Are you of equal or greater value to L'Oréal thus having the worth of said L'Oréal?

IM A QUEEN THANKS or a tiny legless ant depending on mood but.

If you had to work as a paramedic, fire fighter or police officer which would you pick?

oooh, tough call. firefighter! (thank you for using the right terms btw i really appreciate it)
i'd like to fight fire, and saving people matters a lot. it would be devastating, but so would being a paramedic. good question
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Why don't you see anyone from sixth form?

i see my best friend ofc, but we knew each other from before. was in a v bad way during sixth form, got on w/ everyone obv but didn't really bond w/ anyone. we were just very different people

Do you ever see the people from your secondary school/sixth form getting on with their lives and become filled with bitter hatred? Like, seeing old friends be perfectly fine and happy, having forgotten your existence and you're just there, non-existent. Not even a memory.

no, i adore my friends from secondary school and am not in touch with anyone from sixth form

Oh God After Virtue. Haven't read in donkey's years but 99% sure it says there are particular moral truths, then intentionally avoids showing that we can know what they are :/ also doll hospital update: taking forever to get physical copy sent but I have the PDF if you don't have it already?

hmm that's not an unreasonable criticism though not one with which i agree. you are very kind. i would just love a pdf (don't have one for some reason)

If God (from the Christianity) is omnipotent, can it create a rock so heavy that even it would not be able to lift it?

this is a paradox in language & like all paradoxes it is meaningless


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