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What messages had anyone send you

And also don’t waste your brains away. It’s kind of an awesome thing when you use it.

Do you like pizza if so what kind?

It’s hard to offer me pizza that I’d dislike.. but pls folks don’t take it as a challenge!

Hey, do you wanna party inside my bangbus? 🚌

No, but if you have space there and internet, and don’t mind me working for a couple hours inside it I’d really appreciate! (You guys can bang in the background I don’t mind.) THIS IS COMPLETELY SERIOUS!

FYI I don’t have to be likable by ASSXHOLES, so excuse me. I don’t like folks who think they are above the next, or like to bully folks and call another weak because they don’t respond in the negative way they are “seeking” to see. The weak ones are the ones who appear intelligent & tough.

What? O.O
I see some people had some anonymous hatered accumulated overtime. 😬😵‍💫
Pour it all out babes. Don’t keep it in.. *.*

If I knocked would you come to the door and answer or just check the ring?

Depends who you are, of course. But my door used to be open most of the time. So likely would just open ring to say “what’s up? It’s open! come on!”

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