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If you can’t be over here before 9 this morning don’t bother coming! Seriously

If you cant be over here before 9 this morning dont bother coming Seriously

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I deleted all of my old accounts, everywhere. I wonder if you saw all our old messages disappear? I only wish you the best happiness my love. 💜🍻 here’s to meeting such a beautiful soul that changed my life, I’m just glad you were part of it, if even for that fleeting moment. Take care & be safe.

I deleted all of my old accounts everywhere I wonder if you saw all our old

Why do you think you can't trust the one sitting right next to you? All they want to do is protect you and love you.

Damn I hope I don’t trust the stuffed animal sitting next to me or else I’ll be in deep shit.
Why do you think you cant trust the one sitting right next to you All they want

Id love to go back and be with you. But You have someone new. Let’s face it, there’s no cleaning up the mess we made

Wrong person here idk what your talkin about.
Id love to go back and be with you But You have someone new Lets face it theres

I’m not abusing you. I moved on. Do you blame me? You constantly shut me out and lied to me. You wanted me around as an option. I found someone who wanted me as a priority.

You’ve got the wrong person buddy 😅
Im not abusing you I moved on Do you blame me You constantly shut me out and

Why would the guy your talking to silence his notifications?

Cuz he probably finds you annoying, has other girls he talking to which is probably blowing up his phone with notifications or he’s got a gf/wife. Last but not least he’s probably at work and trying to not get tempted by using his phone. 😬
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