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आस्तां तावदियं प्रसूतिसमये दुर्वारशूलव्यथा
नैरुच्यं तनुशोषणं मलमयी शय्या च सांवत्सरी।
एकस्यापि न गर्भ-भार-भरण-क्लेशस्य यस्याः क्षमो
दातुं निष्कृतिमुन्नतोऽपि तनयः तस्यैः जनन्यै नमः ।।

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He'd managed to repay those questionable loans without himself being corrupted and without owing any favours.He'd managed to negotiate with the shadows and still keep his own light burning. He knew that the war belonged to the distant past and that he would never again set foot on a battlefield. He'd found the love of his life.He was doing the kind of work he'd always wanted to do.He was rich,very rich, and, just in case the Communist regime were to return tomorrow,he kept most of his personal fortune abroad .

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It is very easy to write ' soil ' on soil. But it is very difficult to write ' water' on water . Similar is true for relationships too. It is very easy to get into new relationships ,but it is very difficult to keep it going . Now the question arises - " how to write water on water?" 🤔
The answer is : drown some pebbles into the water and you can write water. It means you have to go through the hardships and make efforts .
P.S. It is a teaching from our holy " Shrimadbhagavad Gita " 😊

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