Ask @elizamischler:

Do you think it's bad to hide your sexuality?

Personally, I don't hide anything about it, but it depends for some people. If you don't feel safe with your sexuality, like your parents would disown you and you literally have no where else to go, then it is okay to hide it, but only if it's because you don't feel safe. If you have nothing to worry about then why hide it at all?
Ps this goes to everyone coming out; please be safe and there are people out there who will support you, it will be okay and please do it at the right time.

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ur not inlove. at this age u don't know what love is. take it from someone older, this isn't love; its a crush. Believe me babes, I hate to pop ur bubble, but u both wont be together in the next few years. believe me. this wont last. its not love. love is marriage and sharing a life toghthr

If you could not pry, and maybe mind your own damn business instead of lecturing me on what you think love is, that would be great. No one really knows what love is. Love can be found anywhere. A ring doesn't have to say you're in love. People have arranged marriages and live together don't they? Does that mean they're in love? Love has no boundaries, in my opinion. You don't know if this'll last or not. I'd be happy to prove you wrong though. Trust me, boo. You popped no bubble.

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your literally the prettiest person I know. Im not even kidding. Im a girl in your grade but I don't think you know me.. I see you all the time and im just like WOAH.. shes stunning, I wanna look like that. Stay gorgeous you model! You deserve the world. My favorite feature is your eyes. <3 <3 xo <3

WHO ARE YOU...? I OFFICIALLY LOVE YOU. Thank you so much owo you really made my day

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I have seen things and done things I'm not proud of. What's your story?

We all do regrettable things. Every considerable historic “hero” has/had a skeleton in their closet.
Trust me, if you’ve done something you’re not proud of, it’s okay... unless you murdered/ physically assaulted someone. I can’t help you there. ((Ps don’t do that))
As for my story, I try to float by peacefully. I used to be full of so much rage and hate. Got bullied a lot in school, and having brothers and sisters—don’t think it stopped at home lol. I started to hate myself though because I let them make me feel like that. Because I was so insecure, I’d lash out on others. The one thing I’m not proud of is the person that I was. But it helps a lot when you tell yourself “I won’t be this person anymore.” And you find peace with yourself. :)

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