Ask @elizamischler:

I have seen things and done things I'm not proud of. What's your story?

We all do regrettable things. Every considerable historic “hero” has/had a skeleton in their closet.
Trust me, if you’ve done something you’re not proud of, it’s okay... unless you murdered/ physically assaulted someone. I can’t help you there. ((Ps don’t do that))
As for my story, I try to float by peacefully. I used to be full of so much rage and hate. Got bullied a lot in school, and having brothers and sisters—don’t think it stopped at home lol. I started to hate myself though because I let them make me feel like that. Because I was so insecure, I’d lash out on others. The one thing I’m not proud of is the person that I was. But it helps a lot when you tell yourself “I won’t be this person anymore.” And you find peace with yourself. :)

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