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Why Should We Use Direct To Garment Printing?

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Direct-to-garment DTG digital printing has taken the fabric printing industry to the next level.
Screen printing used to be the preferred method before digital printing. We are not saying that screen printing is no longer used. That is still the best method when it comes to larger orders.
DTG digital printing is the best head start if you’re looking for a side hustle, or you’re an artist who is passionate about starting his or her online store.
It gives you a chance to test the water with the least upfront cost rather than investing lots of money for screen printing tons of workwear.
With the help of a company like Garment Printing, you can save the cost of buying your DTG digital printer and of overheads as well.
If it’s a single one, go for DTG digital printing. In the case of bulk printing, screen printing will be much more cost-effective for you. Because with that, you have to design a template once.

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