Ask @ellepuffs:

Do you think it's okay to stay in touch with your ex?

I think time apart is needed before a good friendship can be formed. When both parties have moved on.

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What was your CCA in sec school? Will we be disadvantaged and like PFP wouldn't consider us if we only have academics and not CCA?

Dance! No, I don't think so.....

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Is it really very spicy? The Chilli padi ? I see you eat, I very heart pain , if I'm there, I'll eat it for you! I will protect you! I really like you a lot! <3

YES it was

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Is Danielle the new member of TrevMonki? Sad, it used to be you the only main female cast, now there's a new member?

HAHA there's actually quite a number who appear occasionally!

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If the girl you confessed, didn't accept you Nor rejected you, but chat with you almost Everyday. Then got tell you that you got competitors. In the point of view of yours, do you think you do stand a chance to be together with her?

Simply ask her if there's a chance

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