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Your best friend

I automatically know it's Rachel (not like she told me). She's awesome, I couldn't live without her. I couldn't live without texted you every other day, I love youuu. You're my bestest friend ever. I love love love you. You got me through all of middle school. Sixth grade was when we became tight and that friendship is still going on and I hope it'll never end! I love talking to you. And we have the meanest texts to each other but we know we love each other. We need to hang soon. And we gotta stay tight till we graduate. I won't leave Franklin without you. I need a real friend and you are that real friend. I've said it a thousand times but IOVE YOU. Keep being my bestie, bestie. Keep being you because you bring a smile to everyone's face and you make everyone laugh. You're perfect and Taylor is a lucky man. Keep Taylor and line and if you don't I will. If anyone ever hurts you ill kill them! You're like a sister to me. And will always be my bestfriend. You're one of a kind and that's a good thing, never change no matter what people say. Well I'm sayin it again but I love you Rachel, and ill be your bestfriend till I die. I love you!!!

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Caitlyn Lautner. Your bestie.

Seriously a bestie. I love you. You got me through almost all of middle school. I'm going to miss you so much next year. You're the coolest chick in the world. And an amazing friend. I love you Caitlyn, you're such a good friend and you brought a smile to my face every day during 8th grade. Good luck to you in Public school. Don't forget about me and everyone else

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