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Ellie the Elephant:3
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Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time?

Kiwi: @Ellie_musgrave since I'm never on here and Kiwi is a bit like it follow me ask questions so on... I may start popping on here every now and again...

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what do you like more white black or asian guys?

I don't care as long as they're nice and don't have the personality of a potted plant :)x

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What school do you go to?

One in Yorkshire:)

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so hot you ;) x

Aw havent been on here in agessss who's this;)x

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Take a picture of your home library.

Don't really like reading (I'm more of a maths person it's either right or wrong and I've never found the right book i have nothing against reading ahaha just yea) and we're sorting the book shelf out on the landing anyway so this is the closest something to do with books:3

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Why do zombies attack?

thought this was cute and Im rather bored shalalalala chher me up please:'3x

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am i not good enough;)?<3<3

i didn't say that you're putting words in my mouth ;)<33

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:O not me:'(<3<3

aw <33

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aw:( & poor ellie! do you want a huge paragraph:O?<3<3

no its fine i have Rob on the case :'3<33

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well wake up then;) it's 12:26! & hmm fine no more nice me;)<3<3

effort and energy both things i have none of right now :'3<33

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haha! & well cause you don't send me hearts;) i'm only worth a kiss;)<3<3

bare effort im laid in bed half asleep its either that or nothing;)<3<3

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you do;) well not on kik but you're rude-.-<3<3

i dont and how am i:OOO<3<3

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aw shh;) i'm no where near perfect. + you're so adorable! i've added you on kik! you take ages to reply;) & just smile yeah?<3<3

eheh oi i dont take ages;)<3<3

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omg:') you seem lovely! i'm no where near perfect:O just keep smiling please? don't ever ever let anyone bring you down okay? i'm sure you deserve every good thing in life! fuck the haters yeah:') i'm always here if you need a chat i promise (yn) do you have kik beautiful?<3<3

omg aw thats so cute come off annon or kik me ellie_musy and im sure you are and i'll try just silly little boys talking to me then having sex that night twats ah well life goes on:/ and i'll try my best and yea defo stuff all the hate:3 and aw thankyou aw as am i for you if you need anyone im always here and yea ellie_musy thankyou you dont know how much all this actually means aw:'3<3<3

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you're beautiful. you honestly deserve best in life! i don't know you at all but you seem really nice & cute :') you have such a cute smile, you should always be happy because you are one in a million! i hope you smile at this ;) your parents should be proud of you! iloveyou <3<3

after all that happened last night this is the one thing that cheered me up so much omg:'3 his is perfect im sure youre perfect please come off annon cutie aw this is so sweet one of the nicest things ever finally a nice person don't get many of them in society aaha aw and so should yours i smiled so much at this omg:'333 iloveyoutoo<3<3

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i hope u get gunged

aw thankyou so much, you too

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ever wanted 2 see some1 else get gunged

ive already said i have and put on a picture:/x

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you're really pretty

thankyou but im really not and who is this x

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y did u laugh at her?

because my friends made me laugh:'3

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bet u would want 2 get gunged n what was ur reaction 2 seeing it happen

i wouldnt it means washing my hair about 10times because its so long getting it all out ew:/ and i laughed :')

View more "Cuz if i never saw the sunshine baby,then maybe, i wouldn't mind the rain..."

awww thats a cute song:'3

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y didnt u do it

because it was on holiday they set it up like evening entertainment sort of thing there was a show on before it

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would u want 2 gunge some1 u hate

no id rather punch them square in the face ahaha omg i sound so violent:')x

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wha was her reaction when she had it done n y did she get gunged

i can't remember it was nearly a yea ago and the little kids voted for her to get gunged:/x

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About Ellie the Elephant:3:

Er well erm hi:) 16/Straight/Gamer (when i want to be)/Sporty/Musical/ i like skateboarding:) and yea i don't know what else to write:3 @seanprenter149 is perf:') @robbunton is my bestfriend:3 @mcawesomeness is my girlfriend;) I'm shy k bye:')x

Yorkshire, Hull