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Does someone's total body count matter to you? Or is it the intentions of each one that matters? Or does it just not matter at all?

ceciliacalveno’s Profile PhotoCecilia :)
Of course it does womens get attached emotionally

Could you ever forgive someone if they hacked your device supposedly without your knowledge?


If im in love with someone, should I agree to be in a poly relationship even though it hurts to see him with someone else ?

SandraKelly23’s Profile PhotoSandra Kelly
Of course you should be happy that he’s going to bring someone to take good care of you. And him as well.
Think about it you’re going to be friend with someone that shares your man and that brings more blessing to you

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I hate liars.

That’s fine you could hate anything you want but there’s no feelings for you

Why can't I just forget about you? It would be easier if I couldn't remember you.

You always going to want to hear my voice and feel my touch 🙂

Deleting this app now I'm done wasting my time and moving on with my life I wish you no bad I hope you get things worked out and figure it out but I got nothing for you anymore I don't ever want to see you again I'll never forget you but it's over seriously

This is so much drama you put yourself into !!!

If you love her, tell her now before it’s too late (this is a sign)

I tell my women that I love her all day long

what do i do when i like a boy

Talk to him be confident and tell him that you are into him stop believing in the idea of a man should approach a women and tell her what he feels for her. A man loves when a women tells him that she into him. !!!!

Do you still believe in love? Don't you see that all women lie 😡

They all do unfortunately and what’s funny is they can look at you in the eyes and wants you to believe

What do you want from me?

I don’t think I’m hitting you up cuz all what I have been focusing on is work and work and myself only


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