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Thoughts on men 🔥🔥

If i am to describe in a line i'd say MARD KUTTAY HOTAY HAIN. It's something in this gender which makes me hate them. I wish sab mard marr jayen. Har mard chahye jo bhi ho uske andar aik wehshi darinda chupa hota hai. They don't leave any chance of ruining your life. Mard ko agar aik ungli pakrao to wo pura haath pakarne ki koshish karta hai. Air ye uski fitrat hai. I never ever trust any man. Just did a mistake of doing it in my life and since December i am going through a lot of problems. Can't believe how someone who doesn't know you can ruin your life in such a manner. They'd just talk to you and then they'd want that no one talks to their sister or even look at her but that doesn't happen. I wish greatly that no men ever gets any peace in his life and specially he who had always been trying to create problems in my life. Na koi khaas shakal hoti hai na koi khaas talent lekin akkar aur ghuroor asmaon par hota hai inka. Aise logon ki akkar torni ati hai mujhay but if i just keep quiet then there's a reason behind it. Lastly i'd like to say MARD KI TARAF AGAR EK KADAM CHALO TOU WO DAS KADAM CHALNE KI KOSHISH KARTA HAI. So never ever trust a man even if he looks shareef or doing anything for this country or anything. Uske andar ka wehshi darinda kabhi bhi jaag sakta hai.

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