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How much did you weigh the last time you weighed yourself?

you asked me this 16 days ago and again why are you so interested

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how'd u tattoo yourself

"stick and poke" use a needle and ink and repeatedly poke at yourself basically LOL

what does your tattoo mean?

"breathe deeply" its a sigil which is like a witch symbol thats supposed to have magic nd shit

How do u stand all these people asking u weird personal questions on ask?

im pretty comfortable talking about personal things and they arent really that weird??

pretty ovious why you have it. treat others how you want to be treated... think about that..

i dont get it what youre saying, do i treat others wrongly? im actually confused as to what that means LOL

do you have anxiety problems? and do you take counseling?

yeah i do, message me!!!! i dont wanna expose it all to random people on ask hahaha


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