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You and Spencer need to get back together....,, you guys were the cutessssttt !, I understand that you can't trust him right now but in time make him prove himself to you and maybe you can forgive him and work things out,! Good luck to both it yoooouuu!,

yeahh, it'll be awhile till I'm able to trust him again. I'm still very confused about the situation & if I give him another chance.. it'll be the last.

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Hey I dont know wat happened between you and spencer but keep your head up. I've never seen a high school couple as crazy about eachother as you two were. Take my advice and try to work it out ! We all wanna see you guys make up and get back together. You love him and he loves you. Time heals all

thank you. it's been a rough few days. but you're right.. maybe in time me & spence will work everything out.

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