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I do know u and I'm not trying to be hateful and I'm just trying to make u aware I guess, like u will say something high of ur self and then u will play it off with "kidding" but u do it a lot and sometimes I wonder if ur actually kidding

I'm never actually serious when I say stuff like that. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm self-absorbed. I mean I do appreciate myself at times, but I'm definitely not vain. Anyways, if you're not trying to be hateful, would you mind telling me who you are?

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Lately u have become really self involved and conceited, why?

Okay so if this is because I said I looked "hella cute" at Rhiannon's party, I was just kidding. I mean, I was just proud of how the way I looked, and I'm not like that all the time. If you actually knew me personally (and I have a slight feeling that you don't), you would know that I don't have an obsession with myself. I have flaws and insecurities with the way I look and act around people. I'm very aware of them as well, but I don't usually whine about them to the whole world because I don't need the attention. I'm only bringing them up now to say that I'm definitely not vain, because I hate the fact that certain people view me that way. Would you, anon, mind telling me exactly why you think I'm so conceited and vain?

Just a reminder to everyone. You are all so incredibly talented, sweet, and beautiful. Even more importantly though, you're loved beyond belief. Never forget that you shine amazingly bright in this world and that your beauty truly causes so many smiles. :)

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Tbh: EMMA! I'm so sad I couldn't come to your party! :( I miss you so much! We need to hang out soon love ya babe❤️

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