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Tbh- Emma you're so so pretty!! I miss you and hopefully everything's going great, next time I visit we should get together!

Yes we should! And thank you

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Tbh your pretty and a great dancer! Also you are apparently good at making Dana give you massages during class. You've always been nice and funny whenever we've talked and have nice clothes :)

shelbydawnklassen’s Profile PhotoShelby Klassen
Thanks :) and I try my best haha

Tbhh youree a total babe! but you suck for leaving so early last night! and youree kinda gheey! we need to go for a drive again (; lovveee youuu ya faagg <3

BreeHuxley’s Profile PhotoBree Huxley
Haha yes!

Tbh We've known each other since we were little, and oh boy have we had lots of good times haha I miss you like crazyyy !!! You're so pretty and hilarious, and I can't wait to see you next weekend lets partyy :)

monacofedow’s Profile PhotoMonaco Fedow
Getting rowdy since 98
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