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you know what I hate we use to be besties but now you act like your to cool for me and everyone else

Kas Drink
You didn't like me for me. you didn't like my clothes. you didn't like my music. You didn't like the people I hangout with. In public you would say " Your CHURCH friends" to make you seem better. You treated me like you were my owner and it was embarrassing. I could tell by the way you treated me, you needed someone to hangout with not to have me as an actual friend.

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Okay guys I see a lot of things on here on bi people. some good thimgs and a lot of bad things. I mean its their choice. I mean yes I'm finally letting it out- I'm bi. But there is nothing wrong with it. People should be able to be able to say what they want to say without getting picked on!! Yeah go ahead and hate me and say I'm a freak because I don't give a shit. No one else should either. I mean like, were still human! IF YOU SAW AN X RAY OF TWO PEOPLE KISSING YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO TELL IF ITS A GUY AND A GUY, A GIRL AND A GUY, OR A GIRL AND A GIRL! But it doesn't matter! We're humans and we have our own thoughts and opinions, we shouldnt let anyone change what we believe and think! God so what if we may be attracted to the same sex?! Lesbian,bi,or straight, it don't matter! We're all the same! Well. I think I made my point. For whoever read this thanks for taking the time to read my opinion (:

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