Ask @emperorpartin:

What is your favorite brand of clothes?

I seem to be loyal to Wrangler for pants, but I don't know about anything else. Those Worktough (?) steel-toe boots I had were the most comfortable I've had (maybe because I broke them in for 10 years, whatever) and I would get more in a heartbeat, but they don't make them anymore. :(

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did some taste testing yest and will pass on my opinons. stay away from (if you want) strawberry cheesecake cus its a trap! chocolate is good and creamy. double chocolate brownie is good but more dense. birthday cake is birthday cakey. BANANA CREAM is the truth!!. coconut cream is good too.

Maybe I was mistaken and we don't have a similar brand here. I was/am thinking of fried pies. But I will still look for JJ's!

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+3 answers in: “have you ever had jj's bakery hand pies? if so what are your favorite flavors?”

NOICE! i swear its all the benefits of garlic without all the sht problems. like: cost, perishable, the smell, storage, sticky gluey garlicky fingers, how much to use... i could go on forever. one of the best things ive done in my life is make that switch. wish i would have done it when i was born!

Ah I thought you were going to be a purist and shame me for it! :D

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+4 answers in: “what are your thoughts on acorn squash? if you have had it how do you best like it prepared?”