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Hey ask me a question and I'll tell you my Twitter then! Cause I don't want my Twitter out there and all that lol

What is your favorite food lol

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Who loves you the most in your family.

I mean I think everybody in my family loves me but no one loves me more then my mom ❤️ I think that woman would go to war for me she loves me so much 😌
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If it were the end of the world and it was just you and another guy would you want someone you hate but come to love or someone you love that you come to hate!!!

MasonR3498’s Profile PhotoMason Robinson
someone I hate but come to love!!
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Just saw a commercial asking people if they had underwear on and this girl said she never wore any.....😏😅😐😐😐😐

💀💀💀 some girls don't wear any

Do you dance like crazy when no one is looking? What music makes you dance the most?

Old school music


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